Publications. In 2021 we conducted a large survey on visualization techniques for language models. This expanded upon a publication from the first year of the project that was focused only on Transformers. In August 2021, we have also submitted a publication about Orbis, our explainable benchmarking framework.

  • Brasoveanu, A.M.P. & Andonie, R. (2022) Visualizing Language Models. In Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Visualization for Knowledge Discovery. Kovalerchuk, B., Nazemi, K., Andonie, R., Datia, N. & Bannissi, E. (editors). Springer, 2022. Accepted in July 2021.
  • Brasoveanu, A.M.P., Weichselbraun, A., Waldvogel, R., Odoni, F., & Nixon, L. (submitted in August 2021). Orbis: Explainable Benchmarking of Information Extraction Tasks. Journal Article.

Presentations. The progress of GENTIO in terms of content optimization and data-driven publishing was presented as part of an invited talk by Arno Scharl, Managing Partner of webLyzard technology, at the Tourism Fast Forward 2021 conference in Mayrhofen (slideset).

Dashboard. The following screenshot shows the latest version of the GENTIO Visual Analytics Dashboard as of December 2021, with several key improvements including the initial version of the news classification (see “Bookmarks” section) and significantly expanded named entity recognition capabilities – based on a query of English-language news articles published in December 2021, the header info box presents an associated list of “Capitals”, for example, the table in the main content area below a list of “Journalists”.

GENTIO Dashboard